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Dickson Award

The Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professorship

Date:  Tuesday, April 11, 2017 | 2:00 p.m.
Location:  Orbach Science Library | Room 240 (2nd floor)
  • Larry Harper | "The Edge-Isoperimetric Problem on Sierpinski Graphs"
  • Susan Carter | "From 'Rats and Dogs' to 'Chop Suey Mad': The Improbable Political Economy of America's Chop Suey Craze"

A reception will follow immediately after.

History of the Award

The Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professorship Award at the Riverside campus began in the 2008-2009 academic year. This accolade is presented for teaching, research, or public service activities that are in accordance with the intent of the donor. For 2014-15, the awardee(s) shall be known as the Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professor for the duration of the award and receive up to $6,000, which may be used for salary, travel or research support, subject to all policies and requirements of the University and the Riverside Campus.

Links to these guidelines are provided in the document Award Compensation Information located on the Academic Personnel website, under the heading "Programs and Awards":

and on the Academic Senate website, under the heading "Awards":

At the end of the award period, each awardee will submit a concise written report of the accomplishments that have resulted from the Professorship.

Selection Committee and Process

The Selection Committee shall be the Committee on Faculty Welfare of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate, whose membership includes active and retired faculty. The Committee will evaluate the proposals and the nominees' previous contributions in the areas of teaching, research and service. The nomination package is subject to CAP review, in concurrence with UCR's Policy on Endowed Chairs. After CAP has reviewed and approved the nomination(s), they are sent to the EVC/P for appointment, which is effective the following academic year.

Award Requirements

Each emeritus professor receiving support from the Dickson endowment shall be known as the Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professor for the duration of the year awarded. At the end of the award year, each awardee will provide a concise written report of the accomplishments that have resulted from the Professorship, in concurrence with the UCR Policy on Endowed Chairs. The reports should be submitted to the EVC/P and will be made available to the Selection Committee upon request. Individuals may receive this award only once during their career.

Background of the Award

Edward A. Dickson served as a regent of the University of California from 1913-1946, the longest tenure of any Regent. His vision is credited with helping to make the Los Angeles campus a reality. In 1955 Mr. Dickson presented the University with an endowment to provide for annual special professorships for retired faculty.

The 1955 gift document describing this award states:

For the support and maintenance of special annual professorships in the University of California to which shall be appointed by the President, with the approval of the Regents, persons of academic rank who have been retired after service in the University of California and who shall receive such awards in addition to their retirement or pension allowances. Awards shall be made upon such conditions of service, research or teaching as The Regents may require. Professorships so awarded shall be known as the Edward A. Dickson Emeriti Professorships.

In 2003 the funds for the Dickson award were separated into ten endowments, one dedicated to each campus. The responsibility for making the awards was delegated to the Executive Vice Chancellor or chief academic officer at each of the ten campuses. On the UCR campus, award oversight and evaluation is performed by the UCR Academic Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare.

Former Dickson Award Recipients


Mulla, Mir Entomology


Gable, Frederick K. Music


Pattanaik, Prasanta.K. Economics


Platzer, E. G. Nematology


Slusser, George Comp Lit
Stoltzfus, Ben Comp Lit
Montgomery, Kathleen SoBA

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